Higher Education and Adult Vocational Training Grant Application


The purpose of the CTC Higher Education Grant (HE) and Adult Vocational Training (AVT). These programs are established to financially assist eligible tribal members who are enrolled to an accredited university or institution; and who can demonstrate a financial need. The funding is supplemental. Before funding from CTC can be considered, applicants are required to apply for all available state, federal and private financial aid; and utilize all available student and family resources.

Submission Requirement

It is the student’s responsibility to contact CTC to ensure his/her file is complete and submitted or postmarked by the appropriate deadline. Applications need original signatures. CTC does not accept faxed applications.

Higher Education/AVT – Tribes Covered

CTC provides higher education funding to enrolled tribal members.

Graduate students should contact the American Indian Graduate Center (www.aigc.com). CTC has no funding for graduate studies.

Notifications and Payments of Awards

CTC staff will notify applicants in writing as to the approval or disapproval of their application. Notifications to applicants will specify the amount of the individual awards, or reason for denial.

Full Time Students (12+ Credits) will receive $1,500 Part Time Students (6-11) Credits will receive $750

Payments will be sent to the financial aid office of the institution that the student will be attending.

Application Deadlines

  • April 30 (Academic Year)

  • November 15 (Spring Deadline)

  • March 15 (Summer Deadline – Needs Justification)

Check List of Required Documents

  • CTC Application Packet with all fields completed. Students must maintain full or part-time status, as selected.
  •  Complete the FAFSA: Website www.fafsa.gov
  • Copy of Diploma/GED or High School Transcript
  •  Acceptance Letter from HE or AVT Institution
  •  Tribal Enrollment Card or a verification of Alaska Native Ancestry
  •  Two letters of recommendation
  •  State of Purpose (typed, if possible)


To be eligible for a higher education grant or AVT funding, an applicant must be:

  • An enrolled tribal member or one-fourth or more degree Native Blood.
  • An enrolled member of a tribe served by CTC
  • In financial need as determined by the college or institution.
  • Eligibility shall be determined by the council.

Cheesh’na Tribal Council

HC01 Box 217

Gakona, AK 99586


Higher Education and Adult Vocational Training Grant Application


Applicant Information


Monthly $ Amount

Personal Information


Must have proof of 1/4 or more blood quantum to qualify

Higher Education Budget Forecast


College Expenses


Resources for College

Write "unknown" in Actual Amount box if not received yet.

Higher Education Budget Forecast


New Applicants

Returning Students

(Continuing undergraduate applicants who meet the academic requirements will be funded first, with priority given to Juniors and Seniors.)

Information provided by you is held in confidence and is only made available to other employees and other related agencies that have a need to know in the performance for their duties. In addition, certain data may be provided to local, state, federal and other health and welfare facilities and agencies on a need to know basis for continuation of services, to provide for a proper evaluation of your case file and for reporting as required by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


I certify to the best of my knowledge that the information on this application is accurate and true. I understand that the information is subject to verification. I further certify that any funds received under the Cheesh’na Tribal Council will be used solely for the expenses related to my attendance at the institution listed on this application.