Upper Ahtna Cultural Video Archive

Upper Ahtna Traditional Knowledge Series

5 films featuring: Elder Lena Charley, Elder Ruby Sinyon, Elder Jerry Charley & Elder Katie John

Upper Ahtna Indians live in the east south central interior of Alaska at the top of the Copper River Valley. In the 1990’s leaders began supporting ethnographic videography and interviews with members of the last generation raised traditionally in the Upper Valley. Recognizing that their children and grandchildren were living with more modern world distractions in their lives, these Elders decided to speak to the future by sharing their Traditional Knowledge through this video series.

Over 25 years later, this unique 7 hour series presents their Traditional Knowledge in 5 episodes.

Ahtna Language Lessons

Featuring: Elder Lena Charley and her granddaughter Jessica Denny

Elder Lena Charley and her granddaughter Jessica Denny demonstrate how to say different phrases in Ahtna, including how to greet others, say where you’re going, and talk about animals.

Traditional Arts & Culture

5 films capturing Upper Ahtna cultural practices

Community members share their connections to culture through storytelling, moose hide tanning, cooking, beading, and more.

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Interviews with Elders


Elder Wilson Justin

Elder Sarah Pence

Elder Lena Charley

Elder Gillam Joe

Elder Evelyn Beeter

Elder Donna Boston

Elder Calvin Justin

Elder Agnes Denny

and more